And a big huge welcome to my colourful world! I’m Frankie, and I’m a full-time Makeup Artist based in the UK. I fell in to the Makeup Industry at the baby age of 21, after graduating from Leeds with a Psychology degree. As you do. (If you want hear the full story of my makeup journey, zoom over to my Blog and have a read).

Anyway, to cut a long story short, after working for M.A.C for 3 years I left to open my own Popup Studio in Manchester. Which rapidly became not-so-popup.

Check out my Services /Portfolio to see more of what I do. Basically, if you want to refresh your makeup bag, learn makeup, watch makeup demo’s, or just look absolutely smoking on a Saturday night, feel free to give me a shout.

When I’m not at the Studio, I tend to be all over the UK ensuring Brides look beautiful, making up models for fashion/editorial Shoots or casually painting my own face every colour of the rainbow.

As a real person, here’s a little bit about me; It doesn’t take much to make me laugh, I’ve got a mega sweet tooth, my right eyelash HAS to go on first (slightly OCD), I love the smell of nail varnish, I love Vimto. I have the best parents in town & I’m 1/3 of the Noonettes.

Last, but defo not least, I absolutely love my job.

For any type of makeup enquiry, send me a FB message, email or click on the contact page to get in touch! Frankie x