Hello makeup lovers. Welcome to this blog, where my thoughts have wandered backwards, re-wound to a time when I would regularly wear this makeup look.

This look? While others may love this look for themselves (no judgement!), this look is my WORST possible makeup look. Why? I shall tell you.

Breaking it down, I have black eyeshadow all over my lid and lower lashline. Black black kohl inside my waterline. Strong highlighted tear ducts. Dark, too dark, square-ish eyebrows. Heavy foundation. A strong contour. Nude & too overdrawn lips.

It’s hard to get across, without offending anyone. Why do I hate it? Because I don’t believe it flatters my face in any way. I think people would look at me and think I’d been attacked by a trowel. Why do I feel like this? Because I have tried so many different makeup styles, I know full well how other styles suit me much more. Not intending to cause ANY offence, if I’m truly honest (and it’s completely subjective), I feel trashy and overdone. There I said it. Does this mean I hate smokey eyes and nude lips? NO!! Of course not! So doesn’t that open us up to the idea that, shock horror, this might not actually be the only way to execute smokey eyes nude lips? YES IT DOES!!

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If you’ve been wearing a style of makeup for that long, not knowing how to break out of it, how do you know there isn’t a style out there which could make you look & feel so much better?

It’s a vicious circle: Want to change > but want to look your best > don’t have time to try & perfect new style > stick to old style. Tricky. How do we break the cycle? Take a step! I’m not saying you have to go and re-vamp the entire of your dusty old makeup box. Buy one new product. Do you know how refreshing it is to find a new piece of makeup that you absolutely LOVE? It can change how you feel about yourself, present you with a much needed confidence boost, make you feel great. Which all, in-turn, affects how others see you, and most importantly, how you see yourself.

Our faces change, I don’t look exactly the same as I did when I was 20. My skin has changed, my makeup taste has changed, how I want people to perceive me has changed. Your makeup reflects you, your character and your individual style. Are you wearing the same makeup you were 10 years go?  If you are, this isn’t wrong! It’s extremely common. I have hundreds of women who come for lessons, asking me to help them break their habits. They don’t want to look the same as they used to; they’re bored, they want a change, they don’t feel their makeup is doing much for them anymore. I switched a 60 year old woman from blue to grey eyeshadow and she practically danced out of the Studio – how easy was that? And how good did I feel for helping her feel great about herself?

The message I’m trying to convey through this blog, is to try different things, experiment with your makeup. I used to think I looked the best I could, with this strong dark look. But I was so wrong! Currently my favourite makeup is winged liner, bright lipstick, natural skin, shiny cheeks & soft ombre eyebrows. Not only because I think I look nice, but I feel my best. And when I feel my best, I have a better day…and I swear I get more done! Lipstick = efficiency…apparently.

In 5 years, I might have a new favourite makeup style. We change as people, don’t let your makeup reflect who you used to be, keep it current and true to your present. Don’t be afraid to try new things, at the end of the day – what’s the problem? If you feel like Lily Savage, get a makeup wipe and bloody take it off!