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Oh hey you guysss! As you may already know, I like to blog about my makeup related happenings, my wandering thoughts regarding makeup, or just anything to do with beautiful makeup products. This time, I delved a little deeper….what goes on underneath the makeup? I love skin, and skincare is step no.1 to making makeup […]

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“In order to observe you have to be incognito”.  This is something I’ve wanted to research & write about for an absolute age. I am constantly wondering what it must be like for someone to come and get their makeup done – to trust me with their face. Your face is your face, no one […]

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If there’s one thing that can make you feel 50 times better pre/mid/post breakup, its making sure your face looks absolutely banging..slaying..fleeking..whatever the kids are saying these days. And drinking gin. Obvs. You can refresh your look, refresh your mind, refresh your mood with a few changes to the old makeup bag. Sceptical? It’s true! In my […]


Hello makeup lovers. Welcome to this blog, where my thoughts have wandered backwards, re-wound to a time when I would regularly wear this makeup look. This look? While others may love this look for themselves (no judgement!), this look is my WORST possible makeup look. Why? I shall tell you. Breaking it down, I have […]

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  After the chaos I like to call Christmas, I was absolutely exhausted this year. So this week, I took myself to London for a rest/sit and do all the boring admin stuff I’d neglected through December. Over the past year, I’ve spent a lot of time working in our wonderful capital, however, this week […]

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Me? I’m more of a dark lip kinda gal. Or any bright/dark colour really. I feel like my lips disappear a bit with a nude lippy on. However, I’d say I’m probably part of the minority – the general female population seems to love a nude lip. Swarms of women at MAC begging for Velvet Teddy!! Bloody […]


I must have told this story a zillion times! But for anyone that hasn’t heard it, here’s how I became a Makeup Artist! (This will be my longest blog, promise!) Firstly, I didn’t ever anticipate it. You might not believe me if I told you I was a total tomboy as a kid & the […]