So many people still don’t use a brush to put their foundation on. It’s not wrong, really. But what’s the reason for not doing? Many think it’s quicker to use fingers, don’t have time to be messing around with a brush, or generally don’t have a clue which foundation brush to select from the 5628471 […]

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King Kylie, Instagram tells me she’s called these days. The 18 year old with 51 million followers, a flawless face, her own makeup range, lip fillers, zillions of dollars and a worldwide copied style….The Midas Touch comes to mind. Am I jealous? Fascinated? Disgusted? Should I be leaping in to a long, mindnumbing preach about […]


I truly believe all women should have a bronzer in their makeup bag. It’s just a staple. A touch of colour in the skin works wonders. And stops people asking if you’re ill. ‘You look peaky’. HATE that. Choosing a bronzer can be tricky. There’s a fine line between an orange face and a beachy […]


Ok so just a quick one. We all know taking off makeup is the biggest drain on earth (apart from cleaning brushes *kills self*). But we have to do it. I kept seeing this ‘Makeup Eraser‘ all over Instagram/FB etc, and of course, sceptical as ever, imagined it to be a load of crap. How […]

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Me? I’m more of a dark lip kinda gal. Or any bright/dark colour really. I feel like my lips disappear a bit with a nude lippy on. However, I’d say I’m probably part of the minority – the general female population seems to love a nude lip. Swarms of women at MAC begging for Velvet Teddy!! Bloody […]

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I do a lot of 1-1 lessons….with the obvious intent to teach people all about makeup, great products and foolproof techniques. Yet week-in-week-out, I am continuously SHOCKED by 2 things. 1, some of the unbelievable high-street products my clients present me with. 2, my dreadful snobbery towards high-street brands. Granted, during these lessons, I have a bin […]

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Kim K, notorious for chiselled cheekbones & flawless makeup. Me, not so notorious, nor so chiselled in the cheekbone department. Being pale, fair, blonde and blue eyed…I’d say me and Kim are pretty much polar opposites. However, I do believe we have one thing in common; we are both fully aware of the power of […]