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Hey you guys. As you might already know, I get hounded with makeup questions, daily. (Not complaining). Second to ‘How did you become a Makeup Artist?’, is ‘Why doesn’t my foundation stay on?’

As far as I’m concerned, theres 4 questions you’ve got to ask yourself. The first is extremely relevant and isn’t what you’d expect…

     1. Are you, what I like to call, a Face-toucher? 

Are you the person at the office staring at the clock with your face cupped in your hands? When you start thinking, do you automatically touch your face? Do you rub your eyes/face when you’re stressed out or tired?

This so used to be me! When I first started working for MAC, I searched for months to find the reason why my face went patchy or my foundation flaked off. Granted I wasn’t as knowledgable about makeup then as I am now, so I may not have been using exactly the right products. But still, my makeup was moving unreasonably. After a while, I consciously noticed that I was unconsciously touching my face. I’m one of these people who uses their hands when they talk, apparently my face got involved too. So I had to make a massive conscious effort to break the habit. You do that, the first (& most difficult) step is over, then its all about the products you use. Feel like I’m running a bloody addiction meeting! Well done to all you attendees who don’t touch their face this week.


      2. What Foundation are you actually using?

Even if your foundation goes on super smooth and perfect at 7am, it absolutely does not mean it will be the same at 5pm. A shared life goal of many women is to find the perfect longlasting foundation. Hate to break it to you, there are hundreds of perfect foundations. It just depends if you choose the right one for your own unique skin. Assess your skin type, are you dry, oily, combination? Do you have problem areas, textured skin, lined skin? Don’t have a clue? Get to a makeup counter and ask! Do NOT be afraid of approaching one and asking them to help you – that is exactly what they are there to do. I know it can feel intimidating rocking up to a MAC counter, where the girls all seem to look flawless & fabulous, but they are there to help. 99.9% of the time, you’ll get a lovely girl who will sort you right out. (Look for one that’s smiling, she’ll probs be a winner). Tomorrow I’m going to blog about several fantastic foundations, for all different skin types. I’m thinking some form of grid or graph. GSCE Maths coming back to haunt me.


   3. Do you use a primer? 

For anyone who has heard the word and can’t fathom the meaning, it’s basically a product that goes under your foundation & keeps your makeup on. That’s it. One of the main benefits of using a primer is that it controls any oils that may be in your skin. (Oil tends to be a reason your makeup slides off.) Ever seen a picture from a night out and your face looks wet and glassy? Like you could see your own reflection in your forehead? Yes. You’re probably oily, and need a good primer! Me personally, I actually have very dry skin, but can sometimes get a slightly oily nose. I therefore use a hydrating primer, so I get the oil control and added hydration. My favourite primer is Natural Radiance by MAC. I actually find this primer works for dry, normal and oily skin. If you’re super oily and want extra control, try Face Protect spf50 by MAC or Photo Finish By Smashbox.

Note: If you moisturise daily, primer goes on after moisturiser.


     4. Do you use a powder?

I know what you might be thinking – dry looking cakey wrinkly faces. I used to think exactly the same. I’ve always been scared of powder, I love to look dewy and glowing, I hate to look matte and dry, but I also need my face to stay on. Don’t want much do I. When I first started using MAC Mineralize Skin Finish, it was like, the best thing ever. That was years ago and I still love it just as much. It’s a soft, natural, mineral rich, water based powder, which they actually bake in the oven. Its super soft and gives a natural matte, non-cakey finish. If you don’t like wearing foundation at all, it’s a good one to just whizz over the skin to add some light coverage, natural colour. The darker ones you can use as bronzers/contour powders. Basically, they’re the bomb. The only other powder I’ve found which is similar is the Soft Light Powder by Kiko Cosmetics. If I ever have a client thats exceptionally oily (I never use this, I’d look like a raisin), I use Blot Powder by MAC. Using a soft Mineral powder all over my skin, allows me to look naturally matte, my face stays on & then I can apply highlights wherever I want to (everywhere).


There you go, how to keep your foundation ON. Stop touching your faces ladies. Get a good foundy, primer & powder. If that isn’t working, I can only imagine you actually forgot to put your makeup on in the first place.

Ciao Bella x