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King Kylie, Instagram tells me she’s called these days. The 18 year old with 51 million followers, a flawless face, her own makeup range, lip fillers, zillions of dollars and a worldwide copied style….The Midas Touch comes to mind. Am I jealous? Fascinated? Disgusted? Should I be leaping in to a long, mindnumbing preach about the absurdity of a pre-eighteen year old having cosmetic surgery? I really could.

The whole Kardashian/Jenner family are just so difficult to ignore, and so not sorry about who they are. Which I suppose is good, right? And Kylie, love her or hate her, is absolutely killing it at the moment. She is a makeup icon, people are dying to look like her. They can ONLY use the exact products King Kylie uses. Makeup companies are desperate for her to wear their products, knowing full well they’ll sell out, probably forever. My mind wanders back to frantic customers at MAC, pleading with us to sell them the ‘Whirl’ tester. Hilar. Gotta give it to King K, bringing out the Kylie Lip Kit was a great shout. She was obviously going to make another 5 zillion dollars. My question is, how are us mere mortals supposed to look like her if we cant even get hold of the bloody Lip Kit in the first place?

Personally, I really like Kylie’s makeup style. She wears this soft, skinny winged, feathery winged lashy, gently sculpted, beautifully finished makeup, with a selection of different lip colours. It’s almost like she’s got makeup on, and not at the same time. Today I’ve copied one of her makeups from the turquoisey-green hair days. Here’s the product breakdown;

Foundation – Doublewear Light, Estee Lauder

Powder & Contour – Contour Kit, Anastasia Beverly Hills

Concealer – Studio Finish Concealer, MAC

Brows – Brow Palette, Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Eyes – Soft Ochre, Paintpot, MAC. Soft Brown, Oh So Special palette, Sleek.

Liner – Waterline is Coffee pencil, MAC. Topliner is the Anastasia brow palette, using a wet angle brush & the darker grey/brown colours.

Lips – Boldly Bare, MAC or the Primark Nude lipliner, mixed with Pink Venus lipliner, Charlotte Tilbury. I used a little Bare All, Sleek Lipstick on top.


Lip life would be so much easier if Kyles would just send me a Lip Kit. Or all of the Lip Kits. Ok thanks love you bye xxx