Personal Training Experiment!

At the end of November, I was approached by a Personal Trainer from ‘Dedicated To: Fitness’, who had an idea in mind. Gaz has been a personal trainer for years, but has only just started using his Social Media pages properly. Obviously, he could see I’m a Social Media lover. His idea was simple – he asked to train me for a month, and if I saw any differences in my body, would I consider posting him on my Makeup Page.  The perfect trade? I was sceptical. I mean how much difference can you really see in a month. I had visions of myself running for miles upon end…until I could slip down a grid at the finish line.

He said to me ‘All I ask is for your commitment, for you to follow nutritional guidelines and to train 3 times a week, an hour each time’. He also asked me to take a before picture, and an after picture. Here is where I stopped and panicked. My actual words were – ‘I think I will die if I have to post a naked gym selfie’. Haha. He asked me to trust him. SO I DID, waaaahhhhhhh. Here’s what happened….

Week 1;

Gaz and I found that the results I desired, were to become leaner and more toned. I wouldn’t say I am fat, but being an average girl in my twenties, we all feel we have problem areas. I’ve found that I have slim-ish limbs, and if I carry any excess weight, its on my front. Apple shaped, fml.

SO. I cut out ALL the crap. I was eating, probably more than usual, but super healthy. Im talking chicken, salads, grains, sweet potato, veg, nuts, fruit. Lots of water, herbal teas etc. Absolutely nothing bad. Gaz said if I wanted to, I could have one cheat night, either food or alcohol. I’ll leave you to guess what I chose.

My gym sessions were different to anything I’ve done before. I’d say I’m pretty gym-savvy, I’ve been to every class under the sun, rolled around on the exercise balls, spent hours on the bloody cross trainer. When I arrived at his gym for my first session, I almost didn’t want to go in – I have to say, if he hadn’t approached me, I wouldn’t have approached him. The gym is what I would call ‘a mans gym’. Weights stacked against the wall, ominous looking ropes hanging from the ceiling, giant kettle bells, medicine balls…you get the picture. Not a chance would me and my glittery nails ever have graced this cold and scary gym with our presence! Sensing my nerves, Gaz welcomed me in and we got started. Surprisingly, I actually loved my first week of sessions! He had me jumping on boxes, squatting, lunging, dead lifting, planking, doing weird ‘ass & abs’ exercises, running round the building…the works! Im not going to lie and say it was easy, I was sweating buckets & exhausted after training. I was clearly using muscles I didn’t usually use, as I was aching like mad. However, in the first week I lost 3lbs, so I wasn’t complaining.

Photo 03-01-2016, 19 07 45Photo 03-01-2016, 19 58 41Photo 03-01-2016, 19 59 04

Week 2 

Still eating clean, drinking loads of fluids, and actually feeling great, I got to my 4th session….where Gaz instructed me to start a sugar detox…for 7-10 days. Nightmare. If anyone knows me, you’ll know I am a sugar monster. Anything from fruit, to a dairy milk to skittles to honey, I LOVE SUGAR. But, I had committed. I agreed to 7 days. But I did demand Gaz to tell me exactly why I was starving myself of the sugary goodness. He explained that the sugar detox revitalises the energy levels, because you’re not using sugar as energy, it re-boots the metabolism and reduces bloating.

Sure enough, he was right. The first couple of days in to the detox, I felt a little different, weak maybe (or was it the sugar-demanding monster in my head, I don’t know). But after my 2nd week of training, and at the end of the sugar detox, I felt flatter & not tired in the slightest. I know its cringe, but I was literally full of energy.


Week 3 

Feeling more toned than probably..ever, off I trotted to my 7th session, doing all of my new boy exercises, loving life. This was the week when I dead-lifted my own weight…in weights! So proud. Still eating clean & staying dedicated. The sugar detox had ended, and I was allowed honey in my porridge again. Wahoo.

Photo 03-01-2016, 19 58 28

However, as it was practically Christmas now, I was working every hour god sent……and it was becoming increasingly difficult to not drink mulled wine every night with friends coming home, I only did one session in the 4th week, on 18th Dec. So I had completed 10 out of the 12 sessions.

I was preparing to take my ‘after’ picture, genuinely not thinking I would see much difference. I felt good, but I really didn’t think you could do much in 3 and a bit weeks. At this point I was reciting in my head Gaz’s words about me ‘considering’ to post about him on my FB page! I didn’t have to, I didn’t have to.

SHOCKED!!! Is the only word! I would usually rather die at putting a bikini pic anywhere near FB. My boyf has had many a lecture about censoring holiday pics. But I am SO impressed with the results Gaz has given me, I feel obliged to share. (I have nervously messaged all of my girls and made them swear it’s not too cringe to go on my Page, haha.)

(Please excuse my messy room!)

Photo 03-01-2016, 18 05 23

So!!! Anyone getting married/wanting to lose weight/tone up this year? You know the drill. The only thing I will say, is that you have to be dedicated to it. I was so strict with the eating guidelines, and took it really seriously. And I didn’t slack in the PT sessions/Gaz wouldn’t let me. I wanted to wring his neck some days haha.

Thankyou Gaz! Hope he’s ready to burn off all the mince pies & miniature heroes I’ve just eaten. I’m carrying on with him and training starts again tomorrow!

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