★ The Brush Cleaning Towel ★


In an effort to STOP the waste of paper towels, and to keep brush-cleaning-towels separate from kitchen towels, Frankie has designed ★ The Brush Cleaning Towel ★. As you all are aware, brush cleaning is not the most fun. But as it is so very important, why not have a glass of wine to balance it out 😉.

With a hook for hanging your towel, the perfect texture to clean and re-position brushes, and a cheeky little message on, we hope you love it.

Clean your brushes as normal, with Fairy Liquid (deep cleaning), or ISOclean (instant drying), squeeze off any excess liquid with the towel, and re-position the bristles.

Machine wash the towel after every use ★ The towel is embroidered, rather than printed, to allow for hot washing! (Got to get those germs out!).

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