Brush cleaner 500ml + Limited Edition Makeup By Frankie towel ★


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Makeup By Frankie’s first piece of merchandise! Frankie has used tea-towels, or paper towels in her years of cleaning brushes. In an effort to limit the waste of paper towels, and to keep brush-cleaning-towels separate from kitchen towels, she has made her own BRUSH CLEANING TOWEL! As you all are aware, brush cleaning is not the most fun. But as it is so very important, why not have a glass of vino to balance it out. These towels are made with LOVE!!!!!

*With a hook for hanging your towel, the perfect texture to clean and re-position brushes, and a lovely little message on – this had to be the first addition to the Makeup By Frankie merchandise!

ISOclean is the best brush cleaner on the market. It strips brushes of product, and dislodges even stubborn formulations like lipstick and concealer, whilst gently conditioning the bristles. You can be confident your brushes are hygienically clean, without transferring any harmful residue onto your skin. The 500ml bottle retails at £24.50 alone. It will last a good amount of time. It’s perfect for in-between deep cleaning, and brushes dry in under a minute.

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