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The Electric Current Facial

Oh hey you guysss!

As you may already know, I like to blog about my makeup related happenings, my wandering thoughts regarding makeup, or just anything to do with beautiful makeup products. This time, I delved a little deeper….what goes on underneath the makeup? I love skin, and skincare is step no.1 to making makeup look better. SO, when I got offered a facial where an electrical current is pumped through your face, claiming to make skin shine bright like a diamond, how could I refuse?

My beauty therapist, Rosemary, who I go to for LVL lashes/waxing etc, is absolutely brilliant. I trust her 100%…not a cat in hells chance would I let anyone else go near my face with an electrical probe. No.

Rosemary asked me to come and try an ‘Environ’ facial, and if I liked it, would I recommend it to my clients. I’m always very straight when people ask me to do this. If I don’t like it, I will tell people, I refuse to recommend anything that isn’t absolutely amaze. This blog speaks truth!! Anyway, I actually really loved it & had never experienced anything like it. So instead of recommending it, I’m blogging about it. Here’s what happened…

Rosemary did a consultation to asses my skin type/check allergies/assure me I wasn’t going to be electrocuted. Oh good. Her therapy room was very calming, clean, with dim candle lighting. I felt relaxed but a little nervous, I must admit.

I had to remove my tshirt, as a conducting pad had to be placed under my shoulder. Not at all phased by my fluorescent pink bra, Rosemary got to work.

She used a pre-cleanse to remove any excess makeup or oils, then a gentle clay exfoliant to remove any dead skin cells. She then used another cleanser, a foaming one, to double check there were no oils remaining. Oils are apparently a barrier for the electrical current & soundwave (forgot to mention the soundwave through the face didn’t I. Oops). She followed this cleanser with a toner, containing lactic acid, which eats away dead skin cells & allows more absorption of product. This was really tingly!!

Ok so now for the interesting bits. She used a serum, containing vitamins A and C, all over my face and then asked me to choose three focus areas. I chose under my eyes (anti-aging), forehead (usually dehydrated) and nose (a little oily). She added a conducting gel to the end of the probe, and worked on each area for 5 minutes. If you’re wondering what the probe looked like, imagine a pound coin on the end of a stick, right rosemary? Haha.

Obvs you’re wondering what it felt like!! Never mind the bloody probe. It was like tiny pins and needles running through my skin, not painful, just weird! As she turned up the frequency, I could see flashing lights, and as she went closer to my ears with the probe, I could hear ringing. I wasn’t shocked by any of this, as rosemary explained what would happen about ten seconds before. Although bemused by these new sensations, I was also really relaxed, almost drowsy!

After she had completed the three areas, she added more serum, making my face quite tacky, then proceeded to ask me if I was chlostrophobic? ‘Erm…No’, I replied, I imagine my face looked like the shocked emoji. I remember wildly hoping I wasn’t about to be suffocated by some form of killer soundwave. Think she sensed my tone. ‘It’s just a facemask Frankie love’.

Seconds later I understood why she asked me if I was chlostrophobic. She poured what I can only describe as candle wax, but cold, all over my face and smoothed it out with a roller, all over my forehead, eyes, nose (leaving nostrils), cheeks, mouth. I felt like I was being buried in candle wax!! This is one of the oddest things I’ve ever ever felt. When the mask set after about a minute, Rosemary clipped crocodile clips to the edges & pumped the electrical current through the entire mask. The pins and needles sensation was very very gentle all over my face. The mask was to stay on for 15 minutes, in which she gave me a hand an arm massage. A very welcome distraction, as it was strange to think about not being able to open my eyes or mouth for 15 minutes! As she relaxed me with the massage, I began to appreciate how good the cold, heavy mask felt on my face. Maybe kinda similar to what Mrs Doubtfire felt like when she dipped her whole face in to the cake in the fridge. Hilar.

When Rosemary peeled off the mask, it felt so good, very strangely satisfying. My face felt so fresh and plump.

Getting a bit sciencey – what’s the point to the facial? The electric current (iontophoresis) pulses to push the serum further in to the skin. The soundwaves (sonophoresis) create temporary cavitation in the skin to increase absorption of the serum, deeper in to the skin. The two working together, increase absorption up to 4400% than just facial massage alone.

4400% – that is mental, I need a bloody current at home when I’m moisturising!

The results. I noticed the difference immediately, my skin looked hydrated and full. And since, I have noticed my makeup is going on even more smoothly. My pores are less blocked and my skin is definitely more hydrated. Here’s some snaps of straight after…

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I would 100% recommend this facial. Rosemary tailored the facial to my dry skin, but there are different types for different skin. One of my clients has acne-prone & very oily skin, she started having the facials a few months ago and her skin has improved a ridiculous amount.

Rosemary works at Spectrum One (Haslingdon), 01706 216808. 

My facial would have been £55. Rosemary wanted to offer 20% off to all my blog readers (very cute).

If you’re wondering where to start with improving your skin, this would be a great place. Don’t get wrinkly people xxx