Ok so just a quick one. We all know taking off makeup is the biggest drain on earth (apart from cleaning brushes *kills self*). But we have to do it.

I kept seeing this ‘Makeup Eraser‘ all over Instagram/FB etc, and of course, sceptical as ever, imagined it to be a load of crap. How can you possibly take your makeup off using just warm water and this (lovely coloured) pink cloth? Surely not.

So, in a nutshell, it does just that. I’ve tried it for 5 days, in the bath, at the sink, at the studio. You know, just incase location alters its performance. You literally wet it, and rub off your makeup. It even took off my Inglot gel liner – the most stubborn liner, even my Micellar water sometimes struggles to get off. Once you’ve took off your makeup, you turn over the cloth and ‘exfoliate’ your face with the other side. I didn’t feel much exfoliation going on, but I relate that to the scrubbing of the face with a sand textured painful product.

I can say that this was an insanely fast way of taking my makeup off. And also when I dried my face on the towel, there was absolutely no makeup to be seen. Thank god. So many times I’ve been shrieked at for turning a towel ‘orange’. Excuse me. I *dont* wear orange makeup.