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  After the chaos I like to call Christmas, I was absolutely exhausted this year. So this week, I took myself to London for a rest/sit and do all the boring admin stuff I’d neglected through December. Over the past year, I’ve spent a lot of time working in our wonderful capital, however, this week I’ve actually been free to spend some time with the city. Sack the sights, I’ve been hunting, hunting for makeup differences. Is it possible that 200miles can change the way a woman wears her makeup? I think maybe it can.

I’m a Northerner, through & through. As a collective, us Northern women tend to be pretty in to makeup, even more over the past 3 years or so. We like lipsticks and liners, blushers and shiny shiny highlighters. We suck our cheeks in with the glorious art of contour and God forbid we should leave the house without a perfect set of eyebrows. Can you imagine? Having said that, although I wear all of the above, I am a fan of natural application of makeup. Wear everything in your makeup bag as far as I care, but don’t trowel it on. For God’s sake. Arriving in London this week, with actual time to look and think, I found myself rather bewildered.

Monday. I arrived. As always, rushing like a madwoman, I ended up jumping on the train in my gym kit, no makeup & hair stuffed in a messy bun on top of my head. In my flustered state with my giant over-packed suitcase, I arrived at Euston in no state to judge.

Tuesday. After spending most of the day inside, replying to enquiries, blogging & doing drainy admin, I hopped on the tube ready to meet my other half after work. To set the scene; I had natural eyelashes on from blogging earlier, a tiny bit of liner left on, natural foundation, powder, contour, highlight, brows & a new red lippy I was trying out. Everyone wears red lips in London….don’t they? My eyes sneakily wandered up and down the tube, preparing to note all the different colours and styles. This was not the case. The very most I saw was a super natural lick of foundation, one coat of mascara, a brush of colour in the brow, the thinnest possible winged eyeliner, possibly a tiny touch of bronzer (I wasn’t sure). And it was either-or. No one had it all on. Bemused, and panicking almost, I quickly concluded that this carriage was absolutely not a true representation of all the women of London. It *couldn’t* be.

As me and my red lips stepped off the tube, an awful, almost earth-shattering thought entered my head. In the eyes of the Londoners…was I caked?? I’ve spent years telling people to wear more natural foundation, to show their skin with BB creams, to not have scouse brows, to NOT be caked. And there I was, wondering if I was caked. My mind was racing. The Frankie in my head was wailing and scrubbing off her red lippy. In the North, I would never, ever have thoughts like this. We are now so conditioned to spring out of bed, draw on our eyebrows and paint our skin, in fear of anyone seeing our natural faces. Imagine.

Along came Wednesday and Thursday. I consciously put on less makeup, I really did. (Only after my sub-conscious battle with myself…do I wear my usual amount and be myself, or do I wear less and fit in to this alien place?) Must try new things, must try new things.

I continued searching the faces of London, for a tell tale sign of MAC. My eyes lit up when a lady came and stood next to me with more than one coat of mascara on AND a naturally defined eyebrow. But then, nothing else! No blusher, no BB cream, nothing. Gazing at her, she had beautiful skin. Infact, gazing around, ALL the women looked to have good skin. On closer inspection, the majority of the women had just gently concealed any problem areas. They all seemed to be victims of this minimalist, natural, fresh-faced look. I liked it, I was inspired. Was less actually more? When, later that afternoon, I saw a girl with a dark lipstick on and warm orangey eyeshadow, I actually caught myself thinking she looked over-dressed. What had happened to me! Was I now a victim of this cool, edgy, makeup minimalism? Could I ditch the structured brow for my own natural hair? Absolutely not. However! I did tone down the contour, the highlight, the blush. On the train home today, I actually found myself wearing lip conditioner. JUST lip conditioner.

I’m home now, lippy’s going on tonight. Sorry Southerners, can’t take the Northerner outta the girl x



THOUGHTS PLEASE!! Does anyone else see a difference between the North/South? Help meeee and my bewildered mind!